FibroTech Basic light / fine 600 × 2400 mm


Product description

Our Basic light / fine 600x2400x25 mm (wood wool 1.5 mm) cement-bonded wood are modern sound absorbing design elements for home, office or other premises. Due to its natural structure, the panel can be painted with ordinary water-based paint.Also available in white painted or as a smaller 600 × 1200 base plate .

Mounting and cleaning

Our acoustic panels are easy to install. We always recommend reading our installation instructions before installation.

After installation the panels can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Remember to use a brush nozzle.

Color: Nature / light

Structure: Fine

Dimension: 600 x 2400 x 25 mm (1.44 m²)

DB no. 1838829

Number / pll .: 40

Price: Pr. panel

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Our acoustic ceilings create great acoustics.

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FibroTech Basic (wood wool 1.5 mm) 25 mm plate thickness of 11 mm. fas

Dimension: 600 x 2400 mm x 25 mm (1.44 m²)

Tun no. 1838829

Number / pll .: 40

Price: Pr. panel