Mounting wood cement

How to handle FibroTech wood cement

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Wood concrete assembly

FibroTech panels are made of the natural materials wood wool, cement and water. The combination of these three can lead to differences in the slabs, both optically and in the actual dimensions of the slab.

The tolerance of FibroTech of +/- 2 mm at length, width and angle is based on storage at 23 +/- 2 degrees and 50 +/- 5% relative humidity.

If FibroTech is stored differently than in our manual, it can lead to altered dimensions and weight. Always read the instructions before using any products from FibroTech.

If FibroTech are stored outdoors – which is not recommended – it is important to protect the boards with a tarpaulin. Also make sure that fresh air can reach the slabs and circulate, so they are well ventilated.

We always recommend to store FibroTech indoors. Remove all plastic and distribute the boards with small sticks between each plate, so they can acclimatize. Let them acclimatize slowly and avoid using alternative solutions such as a heat gun.

Let the plates adapt to the room's temperature and humidity before you start mounting. To prevent the plates from contracting, do not mount the plates until the building work is completely done. Let it be painted too, as paint can release moisture for the plates to absorb.

FibroTech is oven-dried from the factory, but may have been exposed to external influencing factors that cause the plates to absorb moisture, and thereby have the risk of shrinking after mounting. FibroTech slabs must be stored horizontally on a pallet or a minimum of four joists.

FibroTech prescribes that the plates must be stored in the building for at least six days before installation.

How to mount FibroTech

FibroTech can be set up along or across the laths, that at least stays within the dimensions of 22×95 mm. The maximum center distance between these must be 600 mm.

FibroTech are intended for the plates to be connected – not with visible joints. The plates must be placed close together.

FibroTech must be mounted with approved screws. The instructions for FibroTech are based solely on the installation of the plates themselves and not the underlying materials. If you have any doubts contact a construction expert.

How to maintain

When you are done installing your FibroTech ceiling, it is a good idea to vacuum the ceiling. Remember to use a brush nozzle.

If any streaks or dirt have appeared on the plates during installation, they can easily be removed with sandpaper grain 40 or a hard-wrung cloth. If the plates are painted, use Repair Paint.

Wood cement do not require more cleaning or care than other products. Clean as needed with a vacuum cleaner or a dust brush.

If you have mounted unpainted plates and wish to paint them later on, contact your nearest retailer.